The False Creek Flats community has a rich history with diverse periods of change and growth — 1010 Raymur is no exception.

In 1915 back filling old tidal flats created the False Creek Flats. This provided the proper infrastructure for industrial companies to move in and spur economic growth. One of these companies was the Canadian Bag Company in 1929.

With offices in India, Scotland, and all across Canada, the Canadian Bag Company specialized in the printing and designing of all different types of cloth bags.

In 1946, after over 25 years of selling and designing bags, 1010 Raymur and the Canadian Bag Company was acquired by Scottish, “The Thomas Bonar Company”. Quickly thereafter a Joint Venture was formed between Bonar and an American company named Beims. This partnership allowed for a large addition to 1010 Raymur, and resulted in a new name being placed on the façade, the “Canadian Bemis Bag” Company.

1986 saw another big change for 1010 Raymur. Bonar & Bemis had sold all of their interests in Canadian partnerships and General Paint acquired the building. At the time, they manufactured paint next door and they constructed another addition to operate their distribution center. After a few more decades of success, 1010 Raymur was in for another change in ownership.

In 2012, Low Tide Properties had the opportunity to purchase this unique and eclectic building. General Paint Ltd. was purchased by competitor Sherwin Williams, and they vacated the building in 2015, consolidating their distribution elsewhere.

After years of wear and tear from manufacturing and distribution, Low Tide saw a great opportunity to renew and refresh the building. With the goal of providing an inspiring space for a new tenant – Low Tide set off to work, brainstorming how they could successfully renovate the building and highlight its rich history.

In 2017, after years of extensive renovations and after overcoming significant design challenges, 1010 Raymur was ready for a new tenant —

Low Tide Properties was excited to have had the opportunity to renew this building and lease it back to a company that could make the most of it’s unique character.


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