Old-world charm. New-world innovation.

The vibe: stylish, historic, enchanting

The place for: shopping, restaurants, bars, art galleries, steam clock

Don’t miss out on: a live music show in an underground bar.

Hit the cobblestone if you’re looking to shop ’till you drop, sip a fancy cocktail, or start a tech revolution.

Known for high-end boutiques, kitschy souvenir shops, tech startups, and an antique-style clock that shoots steam—anything and everything goes in Gastown. By day, find a mix of locals headed to work and sightseeing tourists. But when night falls, Gastown comes alive with its craft cocktail lounges, live music joints, and bustling pubs—attracting anyone who wants to stay up until the wee hours.

Let’s meet the neighbours.

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Let’s meet the neighbours.