Our Team

Senior Leadership

Say hello to David and Andrew. They lead Low Tide and set the tone with their passion for Vancouver and the West Coast. Just know if you want to have a meeting with them, prepare to have it while hiking the Grouse Grind where David is somewhat of a legend (he once did it 106 times in a year). 

Senior Management

As leaders at Low Tide, this team is up for anything. Whether it’s inspiring their teams to do their best work or jumping in to volunteer at the neighbourhood Halloween Hop, the senior management team is up for the challenge. They’re a tight-knit group that can always be counted on for support, guidance, and a fun time.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management team is a curious bunch who love to problem solve. They’re expert Google searchers who aren’t afraid to research and ask questions to get the answers they need to get the job done. There is no doubt about it, this team works hard. But that isn’t a surprise considering their idea of downtime is deadlifts at the local gym. 


This is our handy frontline team. They have a knack for fixing everything and anything from electrical to plumbing to make sure our buildings are in top shape. Their attention to detail and meticulous nature also shines through in their commitment to their Halloween costumes. 



​​Our Finance and Accounting Team aren’t your typical number crunchers. Sure, they keep our books in order from 9 to 5. But after work, this fun group is just as likely to be at happy hour as they are at a trapeze class. They’re key members of Low Tide. And we’re not just saying that because they handle payroll.

Property Management

This team has a big job — they take care of our buildings and tenants. You’ll see them making the rounds out in the communities, talking to our tenants, and working hard to ensure everyone has what they need. Being neighbourhood experts also means this team knows all the best places to grab a coffee. 


Human Resources

While everyone else is taking care of our properties and communities, this team is looking out for our people. From recruitment and hiring to planning our leadership conference, this team makes sure our people have everything they need to reach their goals. They also happen to have loads of travel tips for anyone who needs to use their vacation days.