Blackbird Entertainment

Creative-fueled and future-driven.

Play one of Blackbird Interactive’s video games and you might find yourself on the desolate desert planet of Kharak or defying gravity in low earth orbit – simply forgetting that you are still only sitting at your computer!

Over more than a decade, the studio has built a reputation for itself thanks to its unparalleled knack for creating immersive worlds and hard sci-fi universes, combining systemic design with incredible art – as acknowledged by its peers and industry.

From their games to Blackbird’s physical office space at 565 Great Northern Way, in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of South Flatz, everything BBI creates reveals the same attention to detail and ambition to fire up people’s imagination. Before stepping into the studio itself, visitors are greeted by a 15-foot-tall digital screen in the building’s lobby – that BBI turned into a one of a kind interactive piece of art.

What was once a blank canvas in the lobby of 565 Great Northern Way when the company first moved into the building, now displays a hauntingly beautiful image that looks like a living, breathing oil painting ripped straight out of the late 19th century. Equipped with sensors that can track movement, detect sound, and even pick up on the current weather conditions, the futuristic piece of art invites anyone who steps into the lobby to take a closer look. The dark and moody painting reacts to movements and sounds—creating a connection between the observer and the art.

But don’t stop there! Blackbird’s office space  are worth a detour. Ask any of their employees, and they will tell you, the studio space feels like a cross between a sleek futuristic aircraft carrier and an intimate middle eastern lounge. A quirky space with open concept collaboration spaces, a full-scale cinema, and plenty of little hideaways to create art.

Whether it’s their games, their physical office space, or their extra art endeavours—everything Blackbird touches invites you to explore a different reality and allows your imagination to run wild.