Parliament Interiors

An eclectic mix of skills and goods.

What happens when three ministers walk into the historic Wenonah building in Mount Pleasant? It becomes the new home of Parliament Interiors, a trendy Vancouver-born furniture company founded by Colette Soros, Tina Lee, and Craig Parkes (aka the Ministers).

The long-time friends first met while they were working together at another high-end furniture store and bonded over the shared belief that they could do what they were doing. But better. So, in 2009, they did. The three ministers opened Parliament, their own house of uncommons goods, in the heart of Gastown. Which is where they remained before taking over the coveted corner spot at the Wenonah in the vibrant Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in 2021.

While this eclectic bunch might not initially strike you as a group that would get into business together, the partnership just works with each of them playing a pivotal role in Parliament’s success. Colette is the in-house designer that handles buying with Craig, she oversees the customer experience and marketing, Tina takes care of anything to do with numbers, and Craig is the eye behind all the expertly merchandised goods you see in the space.

When you walk through the doors of Parliament, you will find yourself surrounded by a beautifully curated and eclectic mix of quality, well-designed furnishings and decor that won’t break the bank. As Craig says it best, “We bring in unique, sometimes one-of-a-kind pieces that we love and think will work well together, whether it’s contemporary, mid-century or antique. Because at the end of the day, we want to encourage people to show their personality in their homes.”

And, if a big piece of furniture isn’t on your wish list. Parliament, which considers itself more of a lifestyle store, has plenty more to offer. Sprinkled throughout the displays of cozy sectionals and marble coffee tables is a collection of art, locally-made jewelry, and a small jungle of potted house plants—all of which are visible from the store’s large corner windows at Main Street and E 11th Avenue.

Like the ministers themselves, who are each unique in their character and strengths—the thoughtfully curated pieces you’ll discover at Parliament are each different in their own right. Yet, somehow work beautifully together to transform a space into a home.