A Day in the Life: Low Tide Property Manager

People frequently ask us what a typical day as a property manager at Low Tide is like. The reality is every day is unique and filled with fresh challenges and new opportunities. We spent the day with Jordan, our Senior Property Manager for the South Flats portfolio, to see what a day looks like for him and his team.

This day started with building rounds, which involves touring the property with the building operator to review the maintenance and operation of the building. Our property managers and buildings operators (read about their Day in the Life here) work very closely together on managing and monitoring each building – it is very collaborative approach to property management.

Next, Jordan met with Black + MacDonald, one of our mechanical contractors, to review our recent chiller upgrade project at 887 Great Northern Way. The project required months of preparation and collaboration between Black + MacDonald, Low Tide, various trades, and our tenants. The meeting provided an opportunity to review lessons learned from the installation.

A big part of Jordan’s day includes meeting with tenants. On this day he met with Levi, the owner of 1933 Liquor Co., one of our retail tenants on Great Northern Way. These meetings cover a range of topics, from tenant improvements and building maintenance issues to collaborative projects for upcoming community events.

After lunch, Jordan held his weekly team check-ins. Jordan works closely with Cassandra, Assistant Property Manager, and Dinah, our Property Management Administrator. These weekly meetings are a chance for everyone to connect on current priorities and on-going projects (And casual catch ups like what fun things are planned for the weekend are common too!)

Later in the day, Jordan caught up on emails, met with team members in accounting and asset management, and prepared for the upcoming budgeting season.

Our property management team wears many hats throughout their day, working with many different types of tenants, vendors, and internal departments at Low Tide. Thanks to Jordan and the South Flats team for sharing their day with us!

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