A Day in the Life: Low Tide Building Operators

Ever wonder what a Building Operator’s day looks like? Us too! We spent the day with some members of our Operations Team to find out more about the important role they play at Low Tide.

Low Tide currently invests in five Vancouver neighbourhoods – Gastown, Strathcona, South Flatz, Kits and Mount Pleasant – and our Building Operators are based in each community. This ensures they are close by and can quickly stop into any building as needed.

No two days are ever exactly the same, but our Operations Team shared with us some of their core responsibilities.

Most days start at the computer. For Mihali, this means checking emails, looking at any pending work orders, and confirming the schedule for any contractor work that day. This time is also used to review what happened, if anything, at the building overnight and to look at all the computer programs that help run the building, like the mechanical and lighting systems.

Our Building Operators are diligent with their building checks – thorough reviews inside and outside the buildings to look for any abnormal issues, damage, or anything that needs extra attention. Adeola, one of our Great Northern Way operators, is looking around the properties for anything that may need to be repaired or replaced, or for things that could require a contractor’s assistance.

One key part of each day’s is “building rounds”, a comprehensive digital checklist that our team uses to inspect each property. Rounds take place on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. Alex completes the building rounds on a tablet and then sends them over to the Property Managers so that everyone stays informed.

All Building Operators and their respective Property Managers have weekly check-ins to discuss priorities for the week, any work that is happening at the buildings, and any support they may need. Jordan is our Property Manager for our Great Northern Way portfolio and he works very closely with Fito, Senior Building Operator, on all matters related to the tenants and buildings. It’s a team approach!

Our Building Operators can help assess issues that arise and will jump in to make small repairs or call in an expert for projects out of their scope. Our Strathcona tenants know Alvin is always willing to lend a helping hand where he can!

Tenant Service is the top priority at Low Tide and our Operations Team is a key part in ensuring that tenants receive the best service! Our Building Operators will stop into tenant spaces as needed to check-in, explain any upcoming building work, or help with building work as needed.

Thank you to all our Building Operators for all their ongoing hard work, as well as their thoughtful input about the critical role they play at Low Tide.